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Project Altima

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New Piston Pics

I chose to go with a well known Japanese performance piston company for my pistons. The company is known as Nagasaki.  They are a very reputable scource throughout Japan for their in-depth research and design. I bought their ka24e pistons in standard size. The bottom of the piston is lightweight forged aluminum. The top of the piston is flat for better combustion and closeness to the head. The top of the piston is heat treated steel because of the engine temperatures that a high compression piston can cause. These KA24e (sohc) pistons are high compression pistons for the KA24de (dohc) motors and will be placed in engine #1 (ka24de) for an all motor build beginning with an 11:1 compression ratio.

Click on images for larger view.

Nagasaki 11:1CR pistons (ka24e pistons)

11:1 CR pistons
Piston top and bottom. Std size
Notice the Forged aluminum bottom of the piston and the steel flat tops treated for heat.