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"Can you hear me now?" -God

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A Simple Prayer

A simple prayer:
"Lord, please show yourself to me. Please show me you. I want to see you God. I am not looking for the answers, I am looking for you. I want to know you. Please open the eyes of my heart, Lord! I want to feel you in every part of my life, my body and spirit. Please reveal yourself to me. I want others to see you through me. I gave your son, Jesus, my heart and made the Holy Spirit the keeper of my soul. I am asking you God, to fill my mind with you and your wisdom. I want all of you Lord God. Please let me hear and see you. I want to follow you in your footseps. I cant live without you. I dont have the answers to life, but i know that you do. I trust you, Lord. Please take control of my life and guide me in your ways in whatever they may be. I want to know you more. You are holy! I know that in you, i can find peace. I know that in you, i can look above all else, and not worry about the things in this world. Please show me you Lord, so that i can see you and your path. Without you Lord, i can not see the path you have laid out in front of me. Again Lord, please show me you; reveal yourself to me so that i may follow you.
In Jesus name, amen."
If you have prayed that prayer, please email us to let us know so that we may keep you in our prayers as you decide to follow God and to see and hear Him. God Bless you!